• Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

With an eye on hat-trick, ace cueist Pankaj Advani continues winning streak

Ace Indian cueist Pankaj Advani, who is vying for a hat-trick of Asian Billiards titles kept his winning momentum as he beat Siddharth Parikh 4-2. Siddharth and Pankaj Advani faced off in a series of six frames that showcased their exceptional skills under pressure.

The match started with Siddharth taking an early lead. Showing precision and control, he scored 101 points, leaving Pankaj Advani trailing with 38. Siddharth’s commanding performance set the tone for the match.

The second frame was a nail-biter. Siddharth managed to edge out Pankaj with a close score of 100 to 99. Notably, Siddharth had a break of 65, while Pankaj almost turned the frame in his favor with an impressive break of 92.

Going into the next frame, Pankaj Advani bounced back strongly, shutting out Siddharth completely with a score of 101 to 0. Pankaj’s break of 60 was a testament to his strategic prowess and execution. The fourth frame was an intense battle. Siddharth scored 95, including a break of 95, but it wasn’t enough to surpass Pankaj’s 101. Pankaj, with a break of 93, demonstrated his resilience and ability to perform under pressure, narrowly winning the frame.

Pankaj continued his dominance in the fifth frame, scoring 104 to Siddharth’s 2. With a remarkable break of 87, Pankaj showcased his consistent high-level play and strategic acumen, leaving Siddharth struggling to catch up.

In the final frame, Siddharth put up a valiant effort, scoring 95 with a break of 95. However, Pankaj’s 102, including a break of 77, secured his victory in the frame and the match.

Speaking after his close victory, Pankaj said, “It is good to keep the momentum going. Siddharth is a formidable opponent. Given the unpredictable nature of sport, it was a thrilling match. As the tournament progresses, it is important to keep focus.”

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