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Fostering team spirit and sportsmanship, Assam Rifles organized a friendly volleyball match for local youth at Sendra Village, Bishnupur District (Manipur) on 09 July 2024.

Under the theme “Healthy Mind Resides In A Healthy Body,” Assam Rifles took the initiative of bringing local youth together by organizing a volleyball match. A total of 12 players from neighboring villages participated in the match. The event aimed to inspire youth to adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle and identify local talent to motivate them to join the Indian Army/Assam Rifles through various sports quota schemes.

The local youth were enthusiastic and appreciated the initiative, expressing their heartfelt gratitude to Assam Rifles for organizing such events that bring them together and enable interaction with.


Assam Rifles launched the Go Green Initiative Campaign on 04 July in Khengjoi Subdivision, Chandel District marking the 75th Van Mahotsav with a remarkable tree plantation drive. In collaboration with the Forest Department, the event saw the planting of an impressive 11,000 saplings of various species, signifying a major step towards environmental sustainability and the promotion of eco-friendly practices. The tree count included 1500 Bokul, 2500 Gulmohar, 1000 Shamba, 1800 Heikru, 1200 Yongchak, 1200 Theibong, 1000 Jarol, 800 Jam and other miscellaneous varieties.

The campaign aimed to raise awareness and encourage sustainable living through a series of well-planned activities. An awareness drive on water conservation was conducted at Phaisanjang emphasizing the importance of preserving this crucial resource. Following this, a waste management competition was held at Gamphazol to promote effective waste reduction and recycling practices. A lecture on the Go Green Initiative was delivered at Changpol on the significance of environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. The campaign concluded with a drawing and painting competition at Molcham themed “Go Green,” which inspired creativity and environmental awareness among participants.

The initiative saw robust participation from the community, with approximately 580 civilians and 375 Assam Rifles personnel taking part. Distinguished guests, including Mr. Ruben, Range Forest Officer (RFO) of Chakpikarong, six officials from the Forest Department, and village chiefs from ten villages, graced the events with their presence.

The Go Green Initiative Campaign by Assam Rifles in Khengjoi Subdivision highlights the organization’s dedication to environmental conservation and showcases their proactive efforts in combating climate change. Through collective action and community engagement, we can promote a greener, more sustainable future.

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