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Juan Ferrando

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Juan Ferrando steps down as FC Goa Head Coach

~ Assistant Coach Clifford Miranda will take interim charge of the First Team ~

Juan Ferrando preaches patience with youngsters, details out areas of improvement

“To be honest, I trust Leander, I trust Papuia and I have trust in Sanson. Of course, they don’t have a lot of experience, but they can only get that…

Juan Ferrando speaks on what he feels is the ‘secret’ to success in football

“I am happy with the pre-season. The club trusted my process and helped to get the squad together as early as possible. Of course that helps in the tactical and…

Juan Ferrando eager to see FC Goa play in front of fans

“We are not thinking like ‘it’s absolutely necessary to win the trophy’. When the Director of Football, presented this option to me, I thought, ‘Okay. This is perfect. We will…

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