• Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

In India, More than 1000 Doctors died due to Covid-19

In India, 3741 Covid-19 patients died in the last 24 hours. According to the Health Ministry’s updated data on Sunday. Doctors and frontline workers are working hard and dedicated their lives to saving the life of Covid positive patients.

But doctors too are not safe from the bloodless hand of the lethal ailment. As many as 1010 doctors have lost their lives in India due to COVID- 19.

As said through IMA extra than 747 docs have lost their lives in India because of Covid 19 for the duration of the primary wave of the pandemic. According to the report of IMA as many as 421 doctors have died during the second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic which started around March – April 2021.

A hundred casualties have been reported from Delhi followed by using 96 loss of life reports from Bihar and 41 from Uttar Pradesh. The dying reviews are coming from different states of India too. In Gujrat, 31 doctors gave their life, Andhra Pradesh 26, Telangana 21, Maharastra 15.

In the Northeastern States of India, 20-death reports are from Assam, 3 from Manipur and 1 from Meghalaya and Tripura.

The IMA maintains a registry based only on the inputs of its various branches across the country, said the IMA president Dr. JA Jayalal.

He further stated that, on average, at least 20 doctors are dying per day due to COVID-19. These include doctors working in government facilities, private hospitals, and medical colleges.

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