• Mon. May 23rd, 2022


The health railway track is a vital aspect for safe running of trains. As a result of train movement, wear and tear of railway track is bound to occur and renewal of track components is indispensable. Hence, proper upkeep of railway track is of paramount importance. The Northeast Frontier Railway strives to ensure that railway track gets the required attention by undertaking various planned track renewal works. Rehabilitation of bridges with renewal of sleepers, rail and track contributes towards ensuring safe train movement along with various other parameters.

In this regard, track renewal of 406.86 CTR units has been carried out during the current financial year upto February, 22. During last financial year of 2020-21 upto February, 257.34 CTR units was carried out. This is an improvement of 58.10% in comparison to last year.

 During the current year upto Feb, 22, railway sleepers of 109.62 km were renewed by replacing old ones. This is 86.52% more than the corresponding period of the 2020-21 financial year.

Similarly, during the current 2021-22 financial year upto February; rails of 297.24 kms were renewed against 198.57 kms done during the corresponding period of last year. This marks an improvement of 49.69% in comparison to last year.

For monitoring health of railway track and to prevent rail fracture, USFD (Ultrasonic Flaw Detection) testing is vigorously carried out in railway tracks. N. F. Railway has also undertaking Flash Butt welding (which is a superior method of welding) of rail to make the rail joints in track more secure. 

It can be mentioned that NFR is using various types track machines for screening of ballast, changing of track sleeper and tamping of track etc. to achieve safer and smoother running of trains over its jurisdiction.           The increased emphasis given on safety measures for railway track has led to safer running of trains with increased speed and better riding experience.

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