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Bengal Traffic police harass Saurya Chakra martyred family at Kolkata

On 12th August, 2000 Captain Sekhar  Ghosh , Saurya Chakra (SC) was martyred in Rajouri sector, J&K while  combating with terrorists only at the age of 25.

Before succumbing to a direct hit in the forehead from an automatic weapon, the brave officer was successful in killing all the seven militants and  himself was a solid shooter and achieved lots of medals in the National  Level Shooting competitions .

Dr. Mani Das, Teacher of DPS Megacity Kolkata, also a relationship and personal development coach is the elder sister of late Captain Sekhar and the daughter of Late Lt.Col Sankar Nath Ghosh.

What had happened with her on Saturday in Birati, a northern suburb of Kolkata – here she explained in detail.

“As I was returning from Base Hospital Barrackpore, after getting my mom from Emergency room, suddenly my vehicle was stopped at Nimta traffic signal, near Birati crossing.

The licence of my driver was taken due to traffic signal violation. I didn’t violate any signal.

In a Face Book live she said on Saturday “Check for yourself in the video. If I had.. Then.. Why let other vehicles go without a fine on similar.. So called violation?”


Upon telling the policeman on duty that why selectively you are picking vehicles to fine, where as letting all others go.. He said ” You don’t tell me what I need to do”.

My brother Captain Sekhar Ghosh laid down his life 22 years back for this country, where corruption has become a norm.
Where.. Bribing is an easy way out to get the work done.

Sadly, as I was speaking on behalf of general public, no one had the courage to walk and confront those corrupt police personal.

I saw one of them passing money to the traffic guard and when I pointed that out, he got so agitated ( Naturally so)
I don’t know whether any justice will be done.

But at least I am at peace that I had the courage to protest against the wrong.”

No reaction from Bengal Traffic Police has been received so far. As and when the same is received ,it will be forwarded to our readers and viewers.

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