• Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

Eviction drive at Margherita by Indian railway

ByMithun Barua

Jul 19, 2022

Officials of Indian Railway, Margherita circle officer, Margherita sub divisional police officer, Margherita police station officer in charge, huge Police and CRPF personnel on Monday conducted an eviction drive at railway land situated at four Number Makum pather under Margherita police station of Tinsukia district.

After giving several times notice from Indian railway to vacate, the people of 4 No Makum pather under Margherita police station didn’t gave importance to vacate the railway land since many years which on Monday officials of Indian railway along with other Assam Government officials conducted an eviction drive with the help of JCB and labourers where total 22 houses were evicted from railway land.

The eviction drive shall continue all over our country along with Tinsukia district where people illegally living at railway land since many decades which notice has been send to them said an official of Indian railway to media persons of Margherita during the time of eviction.

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