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Sep 4, 2022

Army Green is one of the football sections that represents Indian Army. The team regularly participates in the Durand Cup and various regional tournaments.

AGFT’s major achievement was in 2016 Durand Cup as they won the title beating NEROCA FC in the final.

Today Odisha FC (OFC)  take on the Army Green Football Team (AGFT) at the Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium in Guwahati, in what will be the first single-game day of the tournament so far. Odisha have already qualified as toppers of Group D, all 10 games of which were played in Guwahati and the AGFT can only finish third in the group, provided they pull off an improbable victory against their Sunday rivals.

Just before of today’s match the contingent of all Faujis shared their thoughts and this year’s Durand Journey with PRATYUSHA MUKHERJEE.

According to team’s coach Chongtham Robikanta Singh, army green squad is very positive and optimistic.

“We will go all out to win the match. 

It is no issue that we are not going to Quater final. Boys are giving their best and they are  playing really  well. More  scoring chances we missed .We have to work out on this issue.”

Army has only one strategy which is Attack. We will chose the right time and go for attack thats all.
Coach said very confidently.

“We had very high chance to qualify in quarter finals but due to our mistake open goals conversion chance we already missed and  now we are in trouble. So we lost the chance to go to the quarter final in a big tournament like Durand. We have to improve a lot.”-

P CEE captain of Army Green briefed.

In today’s  match our formation will be 4-4-2.”- Robikanta Singh added.

What did Army Green take away from Durand? 

When I asked Vikas Zanje , vice captain of Army Green squad, then he replied –

“Prestigious tournament like Durand is really very  big experience for us.We are  learning  to play against big clubs  especially against the foreign players.” 

Interviewed by Pratyusha Mukherjee, a Senior  Broadcast Journalist of a Western media, reporting from Guwahati.

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