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Laser show enthrals Eden spectators

Special match played between India Maharajas and World Giants in a special inaugural match played for Legends League Cricket T20 played at Eden Gardens, Kolkata on 16/09/2022. Pic: Ashoknath Dey for Legends League Cricket

The motley crowd that gathered at Eden Gardens for a Legends match today, feasted their eyes on one of the best laser shows in recent times that cast a dream like spell on the majestic Eden Gardens on this balmy September evening.

As the World Giants innings folded for 170 for 8 to a disciplined attack from Indian Maharajas, and innings break was announced, Eden Gardens came alive to a psychedelic show of laser rays swaying to the rhythm of Rang de Basanti, Made in India and Suno Ghaur Se Dunia Walo.

The climax of the show was the synchronised movement of the stadium led lights, the newly installed floodlight operating on DMX system integrated with music and a bevy of laser rays decorating the night sky with geometric patterns along with the song Ma Tujhe Salam transporting people to a world of wishful thinking.

Cloudy skies and intermittent rains had earlier cast a dampner over the game threatening to spoil the evening, but all that was pushed to the background as skies cleared and the game began.

But this 10 minute of laser rain on Eden to peppy Bollywood tunes could easily add another feather to the stadium’s already packed crown.

Source – CAB Media
Report- Pratyusha Mukherjee

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