• Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction observed at AAI’s Regional HQ, Guwahati

Airports Authority of India in association with Regional Meteorological Department, UNICEF and NDRF units of Guwahati observed International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction at Regional Headquarter, North East Guwahati on 13 October, 2022. Every Year the day is observed to mitigate the process to reduce the risk and improve the preparedness in disaster management. This year, the theme is ‘Early Warning’.

Airports Authority of India at Guwahati with its Fire Service Department conducted the Day in presence of expertise from various fields. The motive was to aware and prepare for early warning about any disaster that airport and its establishments may face.

The programme was chaired by Shri Sanmukh Jugani, Regional Executive Director, AAI. In his inaugural address to the participants, he said that the risk reduction for any disaster is a very critical which involves various parameters. And early warning can reduce the gravity of consequences. Also, he mentioned that professionals at the airports should be aware of the risk factors and measure to reduce and minimise the losses.

Dr Sanjay O’Neill Shaw, from the regional meteorological department, Guwahati in his lecture described about the early warning system IMD has installed and how it is disseminating over entire north east region. In his message to the airport professionals he said, weather monitoring and early warning not only reduces the losses but gives them the time to imply over their preparedness to mitigate any risk before it becomes a disaster.

A detailed presentation by Shri Anand Prakash Kanoo, Disaster Risk Reduction Officer from UNICEF focused on complexities of risk management and how children are affected by the disasters. The frequency in which the disasters are occurring and the factors responsible for it was also discussed. Describing about the types of disaster NER is facing, he mentioned how this is the resultant of human as well as the natural factors, the different regions vulnerable to various disasters.

An insightful session by Shri Santosh Kumar Singh, Deputy Commandant, NDRF, Fist Unit Guwahati emphasised on hazards that leads to disasters such as earthquake. Entire north east region falls under seismic zone five of earthquake and how we as an individual and as a professional, can act as defence forces for immediate relief. Describing airport as a life line for rescue operations during earthquakes. He focused on various means and channels that airport should consider while executing the operation. He also motivated all participants to impart training for skill development which could help many. Further he mentioned about various awareness programmes NDRF is carrying out at local and regional level to create community responders during a disaster.

Later a mock exercise was carried out at AAI’s NER office building creating an earthquake scenario which included all necessary evacuation procedure in several steps including high rise building evacuation. The NDRF team led by Shri Santosh Kr Singh also demonstrated procedures they follow while rescue operations.

The programme was conducted by AAI’s Fire service Department, Regional HQ, Guwahati under the guidance and coordination by Shri Gian Batra, General manager, HR. The head of Fire Dept. Shri W. Santosh. K. Singh liasoned for the exercise. Vote of thanks was delivered by Shri Sandeep Jha, OSD to Regional Executive Director, AAI.

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