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National Maritime Day Celebrated with Coast Guard’s Unique Duathlon Event

The National Maritime Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm on April 5th, 2023, with the Coast Guard hosting a duathlon event in collaboration with State Bank of India (SBI) to raise awareness about the importance of marine economy and trade for the common public. More than 500 participants, including Airforce, BSF, Kolkata Police, and other public and private sectors, participated in the event with great zeal and enthusiasm.

The event was unique and comprised two activities:- A 5.5 km run and a 20 km cycling race. People of all age groups took part in this mega event, which aimed to raise awareness about the significance of marine trade and economy for the development of the nation.

The flag-off for the cycling event was done by the chief guest, IG Iqbal Singh Chauhan, Commander Coast Guard Region North East, who encouraged the participants to give their best and enjoy the race. The flag-off of the running event was done by Mr. Sujay Kumar Yadav from SBI, who also applauded the participants for their enthusiasm and sportsmanship.

The duathlon event was an initiative taken by the Coast Guard in collaboration with SBI to bring together people from various backgrounds to celebrate the maritime industry and its contributions to the nation’s growth. Through this event, the Coast Guard and SBI wanted to convey the message that the marine economy has the potential to create employment and boost economic growth, and therefore, it is essential to promote it among the common public.

The event was a huge success, with participants showing great enthusiasm and sportsmanship. The Coast Guard and SBI were delighted to see people from all walks of life coming together to celebrate the maritime industry, and they hope that such events will encourage more people to participate in the development of the marine economy.

National Maritime Day is celebrated in India on April 5th every year to commemorate the first voyage of the SS Loyalty, which sailed from Mumbai to London on April 5th, 1919. The day is observed to acknowledge the contributions made by the maritime industry to the country’s economy and to create awareness about its potential for growth and development.

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