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Mask making workshop at Assam Down Town University

Assam Down Town University, renowned for its commitment to promoting and preserving Assamese cultural heritage, recently organized a one-day workshop on mask making to celebrate the vibrant art form of Satriya culture. In collaboration with acclaimed mask artist Sujit Baruah, the event aimed to educate and engage students in the traditional craft of mask making, showcasing its significance within the cultural fabric of Assam.

Under the expert guidance of Sujit Baruah, an accomplished artist with extensive experience in Satriya culture, the workshop provided a platform for students to delve into the intricate techniques and aesthetic nuances associated with mask making. Through hands-on experiences and interactive sessions, participants were able to explore the fusion of spirituality and artistic expression embodied by these masks.

During the concluding lecture, Sujit Baruah emphasized the pivotal role of cultural heritage within educational institutions and lauded Assam Down Town University for its dedication to preserving traditional arts. He shed light on the symbolic importance of mask making in Satriya culture, underlining its ability to bridge the gap between spirituality and artistic expression, and reinforcing the significance of preserving these customs for future generations.

The workshop was graced by the presence of Prof. Bandana Dutta, the Dean of Studies, who extended a warm welcome to Sujit Baruah and expressed her gratitude for his invaluable contribution to the event. As a token of appreciation, Prof. Dutta presented Sujit Baruah with a special honor, recognizing his exceptional dedication to the preservation of Satriya culture. The masks showcased during the event vividly showcased the artist’s passion and expertise, boasting intricate details and vibrant colors.

In a reciprocal gesture, Sujit Baruah offered a beautifully crafted mask to Assam Down Town University, symbolizing his deep appreciation for their commitment to cultural preservation. Dr. Pranveer Sing, the Pro Vice-Chancellor of the university, graciously accepted the mask on behalf of the institution, expressing his delight at receiving such a remarkable piece of art that embodied the essence of Satriya culture.

The workshop also provided an opportune moment to honor and recognize the outstanding achievements of students both within and outside the university. Prizes were awarded to those who had excelled in various fields, including academics, sports, and extracurricular activities. This recognition served as a testament to the university’s commitment to nurturing talent and inspiring excellence among its students.

The one-day workshop on mask making organized by Assam Down Town University successfully shed light on the cultural significance of masks in Satriya culture. By immersing students in a hands-on experience and providing them with the opportunity to learn from a renowned artist like Sujit Baruah, the university demonstrated its unwavering dedication to preserving and promoting Assamese cultural heritage. This event not only deepened the students’ understanding of traditional art forms but also celebrated the remarkable accomplishments of individuals within the university community. Dr Ritismita Devi, Misimi Bharali and Pankhi Kashyap worked hard to make the workshop a success.

As Assam Down Town University continues to prioritize cultural preservation and holistic education, it sets a shining example for other educational institutions. By fostering a deeper appreciation for traditional art forms, the university encourages the next generation to become custodians of their rich cultural heritage, ensuring its continuity for years to come.


Photo Utpal Datta

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