• Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

Workshop on sustainable environmental practices for teachers held in Aaranyak

Aaranyak, a leading biodiversity conservation organisation in India, teamed up with Samagra Shiksha Assam, Kamrup (Metro), and supported by Wipro earthian, conducted an orientation workshop for guide teachers of Kamrup (M), highlighting Sustainability Education Practices.

Altogether, 22 teachers from 16 different schools of the district took part in the workshop. The purpose of the workshop is in tune with the objectives of the Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) of the Government of India, which highlights the importance of collective action for the environment through individual behaviour change.

Senior manager of Aaranyak Jayanta Kumar Pathak, focused on the importance of sustainability education in schools and colleges to build a future brigade of sustainability enthusiasts. Banashree Phukan, an Assistant Teacher of Natun Fatasil Town High School here discussed the documentation process involved in the sustainability education programme. Aaranyak’s Head of Operations, Dipak Bhattacharyya also spoke about the organisation’s current interventions and practices on sustainability as well. Wasima Begum, an environmental facilitator at Aaranyak deliberated on various components of the sustainability education programme. Besides, the interaction the participants were also engaged in biodiversity mapping in Aaranyak’s administrative office premises.

“Twenty-seven schools from Kamrup (M) have registered so far and a number of schools from other parts of the state are considering participating in the sustainability education programme.”, Said, Jayanta Kumar Pathak.

The Wipro earthian has initiated a nationwide sustainability education programme for schools and colleges. Sustainability education helps to inculcate scientific temperament in young minds and also develop deeper understanding about the surrounding world and its function. In Assam they have partnered with Aaranyak last year in educating 54 schools across five districts on conservation of water and biodiversity, and waste management. Last year, one of the schools from Kamrup (M) working with Aaranyak received an award at the national level, whereas while three other such schools received regional awards.

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