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Manish R. Joshi, Secretary, UGC visits Royal Global University

Manish R. Joshi, Secretary, University Grants Commission visited The Assam Royal Global University on Friday, the 16th of June, 2023 for an interactive session with the students and faculty.

Joshi encouraged the outgoing batches to stay optimistic about their future and in times of trial, to extract motivation from biographies of people they look up to in order to understand their struggles and be guided by their problem-solving abilities.

Further, highlighting the importance of channelizing their passion and energy into developing new skills that would make them pioneers in their field, Prof. Joshi reminded Royalites that transitional phases with respect to new technology like ChatGPT etc. have been a recurrent theme in the human population and insecurity regarding human work opportunities with the advancement of technology and advent of AI has been a trademark of development, which in practicality ends up leading to generation of jobs at a larger scale instead of curbing growth of the working population.

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