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Women SHGs and micro-entrepreneurs receive food processing training in Karbi Anglong

Aaranyak in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC), Diphu organised a two-day food processing training and orientation programme for the Women SHGs and micro-entrepreneurs at Community Resource Centre, Kohora, Karbi Anglong.

A total of 23 Women from 7 SHGs and individual micro-entrepreneurs from different villages from Kohora River Basin (KRB) and Diffollu River Basin (DRB) area participated in the training programme. The objective of the training programme was to help women SHGs and entrepreneurs on food processing and help them generate earning opportunities as a part of capacity building for Women in KRB and DRB.

Raju Deka, DO, Dept. of Agriculture, KAAC,  Prodip Bey, Trainer, Dept. of Agri., KAAC, Dr. Jayanta Kumar Roy from Aaranyak  Bapuram Engti and Horiram Engti from PIRBI management committee were present in the training programme to motivate the participants.

The first day of the programme started with the inaugural speech and introduction by Sarlongjon Teron of Aaranyak. This was followed by a short speech by  Deka and shared their experience and benefits that are associated with Food processing training. After that, the theoretical sessions for food processing training were taught to the participants by  Prodip Bey and Mr. Bahadur which were followed by practical demonstration along with hands-on training for three types of processed food Jam, Jelly and squash. The expert also shared the requirements of necessary technicalities, chemicals required, quantity and different steps involved for making these products.

On the second day, the training programme started with a short revision of the previous day’s training programme, followed by the theoretical sessions on pickle and sauce making processes. During the hands-on demonstration, Bamboo shoot and king chili pickle, lemon drinks and tomato sauce were practically taught to the participants. Similarly, all the requirements and quantification of the requirements for making pickle and sauce were also taught to the participants.

Experts also shared that the raw materials for processing may vary based on the availability and seasonality but the steps involved in the process are the same. The participants keenly listened to the trainer and noted down all the ingredients required for making Jam, jelly, squash, fruit drinks, pickle and tomato sauce such as quantity of chemicals, vinegar, etc.

Certificates were also distributed along with a manual for food processing and some kits (5 chemicals) for food processing and 10 juicers were also distributed by the Agriculture Department, KAAC to carry forward the food processing with the participants present in the training programme. Mr. Deka also shared some motivating words where, “knowledge sharing is important to strengthen personal knowledge and one must never give up even if they fail.”

The participants enjoyed the training programme and acquired key knowledge and understanding related to Food processing, such as the scientific aspects, management process and steps involved etc. One of the participants Jirhun Killingpi, from Sivoram Terang village expressed her gratitude for bringing such initiative, she says that,” she is very fortunate for getting the opportunity, I will share all the knowledge with my SHGs members and hope for generating an income opportunity.” Another participant  Moina Kramsapi, an entrepreneur from Chinthong Tokbi village, expressed her gratitude towards Aaranyak and the Dept. of Agriculture, KAAC and thanked for organising this wonderful programme of capacity building for women. She hoped that such capacity building initiatives can create a positive impact as well as positive perspective towards the society.

The other members from co-organisation Aaranyak present during the programme held on July 5-6 were Joshna Terangpi, Rangsina Phangcho, Prakash Engti, Ratul Das and Nojomi Teronpi. The programme would not have succeeded without their contribution and support.


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