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Metro Railway has always given special emphasis on Passengers’ Safety. Special innovative measures have always been taken by Metro Authorities to ensure smooth, hassle-free and safe journey of passengers. In North-South Metro, country’s oldest Metro Corridor, one such innovative step is being taken to link Passenger Information System (PIS) with Train Control Management System (TCMS). Once this linking of two systems is complete then chances of accidental opening of the wrong side doors when the train is stationary at the platforms or any door of a train outside the platform area, would be completely nullified.

Metro Railway officials are working round-the-clock to make this innovative initiative a grand success. Already a trial has been conducted in between Dumdum to Kavi Subhas stretch of North-South Metro ( both UP and DN directions) successfully by linking the Passenger Information System (PIS) and Train Control Management System (TCMS) of a three-phase Metro rake (MR-416) after the commercial hours on 16.08.2023. P. Udday Kumar Reddy, General Manager, Metro Railway, Kolkata was also present during this trial run. The wrong side doors could not be opened at different stations in between Dumdum to Kavi Subhas stretch during this trial . The doors could also not be opened while the trial rake was parked inside the tunnels or on the middle of the viaduct. Shri Reddy expressed his satisfaction and happiness seeing the result of this trial. He has expressed his hope that in the coming days too such innovative initiatives will be conceptualized and translated into action for further betterment of Kolkata Metro services.

Buoyed by the success of this trial, Metro Railway Authorities have decided to add this safety feature in all three-phase rakes. It is expected that within two months, this work will be completed.

It is to be noted that all the under construction Corridors of Kolkata Metro will be fitted with Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) signaling system. Under such system door opening of rakes, signalling and train braking mechanism will all be synchronized. With CBTC system in place, there will be no chance of accidental door opening in all new Corridors of Kolkata Metro. This innovative initiative will ensure additional safety in North-South Corridor ( Blue Line).

Kausik Mitra, Chief Public Relations Officer,stated this in a press release.

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