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Embarking on a Historic Journey : Lachit III Sailing Expedition Flagged Off from Biswanath Ghat, Biswanath Chariali

In a grand ceremony that epitomized dedication and valour, the Lachit III Sailing Expedition was officially flagged off today from Biswanath Gaht, Biswanath Chariali, Assam, as part of the Most Enterprising Naval Unit 2023. The event took place under the commencement of NCC Group Headquarters (Guwahati), NCC NER Directorate and it was an occasion graced by esteemed dignitaries.

Dr. Priyanka Koiri, Care Taker Officer of B Barooah College, extended a warm welcome to the audience on behalf of NCC Group Headquarters, Guwahati. Dr. Koiri eloquently put it, that, “Today, we embark on a journey that is more than just a sailing expedition. It is a testament to the unwavering dedication, discipline, and determination of our 80 NCC naval cadets of NCC NER Dte . The values of leadership, teamwork, and the relentless pursuit of excellence, instilled by the National Cadet Corps, will guide us through this remarkable voyage.”

The expedition, spanning an impressive 220 kilometers along the mighty Brahmaputra, will commence its journey today and will conclude on November 10th at Pandu Port, Guwahati.

Pramod Barthakur, honorable Member of the Legislative Assembly was present at the event to encourage the cadets, adding a touch of distinction to the ceremony. Brigadier Dinar Dighe, Group Commander of NCC Group Headquarters, Guwahati, whose exceptional leadership made this extraordinary sailing expedition possible, graced the event with his presence.

The ceremony also witnessed the presence of prominent individuals, including DC, Biswanath, Mrs Neha Yadav,IAS, Mrs. Rakhi Das, the Anchalik Panchayat President, and the Additional Superintendent of Police, Biswanath.

This expedition, spanning ten days from Biswanath Ghat to Lachit Ghat, is not only an adventure but a homage to the rich heritage of Assam and the fearless spirit of Lachit Borphukan, who defended the land with unparalleled valour.

Lieutenant Commander Debanand Doley, Commanding Officer of the 48 Assam Naval Unit NCC, leads the expedition, supported by Lieutenant Commander Manoj Joshi, the Deputy Expedition Commander and Safety Officer of 49 Naval Unit NCC. The sailing team underwent ten days of rigorous training, including survival drills, to prepare for this challenging journey at Gohpur, Gomari Ghat.

As the sails unfurled and the journey began, it became evident that this expedition is not just about adventure but also about the responsibility to protect and preserve the Brahmaputra, the lifeline of the region.

The flag-off ceremony was adorned with a classical dance performance by a talented resident of the region, Ms Ankita Das, followed by a skit by PO Cadet Tina and her group. Speeches by the MLA, Group Commander, DC Biswanath and Rakhi Das, the Anchalik President of Biswanath, further enriched the ceremony.

The Lachit III Sailing Expedition represents a tribute to history, a commitment to culture, and the spirit of adventure that runs deep in the hearts of the naval cadets and the people of Assam.

Report: Pratyusha Mukherjee

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