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Aaranyak-British Asian Trust event flags importance of Panidihing Bird Sanctuary

As the winter gradually sets in on this biodiversity rich valley of the Brahmaputra, it is time for winged visitors to flock the rich wetlands here. This usually calls for promotion of awareness among the people for protection of the feathered creatures as well as their habitats, the wetlands.

Panidihing Bird Sanctuary spread across a lush wetland in Sivasagar district of Assam, is a known haven for avian biodiversity and a destination for migratory birds.

Biodiversity conservation organisation Aaranyak and the British Asian Trust with support from Darwin Initiative (UK Aid) collaborated with Sivasagar Forest Division recently in organising an awareness campaign in Forest Beat Office of Charaguwa of Sivasagar to mark the celebration of National Birds Day.

During the event, 47 students, local bird enthusiasts, forest officials and environment conservation workers participated in a nature walk and bird-watching session.

Range officer Himangshu Gogoi accompanied the participants during the bird watching with other forest officials. Aaranyak officials Tibrajyoti Gogoi and Lekhon Gogoi were instrumental in providing the participants a hands-on learning experience about the biodiversity of Panidihing Bird Sanctuary.

The session featured a poster presentation and documentary screening by Tribeni Hazarika, a PhD research scholar and Assistant Professor of the Department of Zoology at the Arunachal University of Studies. The event provided a unique opportunity for students and participants to interact with researchers, including those from Finland involved in the Bird India Count for bird census.

Earlier, the event began with a pledge taking ceremony and an address by Ghanashyam Borgohain, President of the Panidihing Suraksha Samiti.

The Panidihing Bird Sanctuary is spread across rich wetlands and has an approximate area of 33 square kilometres. It is a key habitat for migratory as well as resident bird species.

The sanctuary’s diverse ecosystem includes marshes, ponds, and dense vegetation, creating an ideal environment for over 120 bird species. Notable inhabitants include the Sarus Crane, Pelicans, and various waterfowl. Panidihing plays a pivotal role in the conservation of these species by offering a serene landscape for bird enthusiasts and researchers alike. Efforts are underway to preserve this sanctuary, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding fragile ecosystems and their feathered inhabitants.

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