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In a historic development in Manipur a Peace Agreement singed with United National Liberation Front

In a historic development, the Government of India and Government of Manipur signed a Peace Agreement with United National Liberation Front (UNLF), the oldest valley-based armed group of Manipur in New Delhi today.

The UNLF was formed in 1964 and has been operating both within and outside Indian Territory. The agreement is poised to give a fillip to usher in a new era of peace in the North East in general and Manipur in particular.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has said that a historic milestone achieved. In his posts on ‘X’ Home Minister said that it is a landmark achievement in realising Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji’s vision of all-inclusive development and providing a better future to the youths in Northeast India. Home Minister said that he welcome UNLF to the democratic processes and wish them all the best in their journey on the path of peace and progress.


As per the vision of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and under the guidance of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the Government of India has signed agreements with several armed groups of the North East region since 2014 to end militancy and promote development.

While political settlements have been finalised with several ethnic armed groups of the North East as part of conflict resolution initiatives of Government of India, it is for the first time a valley-based Manipuri armed group has agreed to return to mainstream by abjuring violence and agreeing to honour the Constitution of India and laws of the land. The agreement will not only bring an end to hostilities between UNLF and security forces which have claimed precious lives on both sides over the last more than half a century but also provide an opportunity to address the longstanding concerns of the community. It is hoped that the return of UNLF to the mainstream will also encourage other valley-based armed groups to participate in the peace process in due course. A Peace Monitoring Committee (PMC) will be constituted to oversee enforcement of the agreed ground rules. The development is likely to be a significant step in restoring peace and normalcy in the State.

The agreement was signed in New Delhi by senior officials of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs and Government of Manipur and representatives of United National Liberation Front.

Photo Source : Amit Shah / X.

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