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India Post & Apollo Cancer Centres, join hands to Launch ‘Stamp Out Childhood Cancer’ Campaign

In a heart-warming initiative to raise awareness and support for Childhood Cancer Awareness, Apollo Cancer Centres is collaborating with India Post to launch a commemorative stamp under the campaign ‘Stamp Out Childhood Cancer.’ This innovative effort aims to go beyond merely creating awareness, by bringing people together to join hands in fighting against childhood cancer and carrying a profound message of hope, strength, and unity.

The highlight of the event was the presence of a paediatric cancer survivor, whose courage and determination have been an inspiration to many. They had the honour of unveiling the stamp, which represents the unwavering spirit of children and families overcoming the challenges posed by childhood cancer. During the launch, 60,000 stamps were released, commemorating this significant collaboration between Apollo Cancer Centres and India Post.

Piyali Konar (Mother of Master Yuvaraj Konar), conveyed their heartfelt thoughts on the event, saying, “As a parent, I understand the pain and fear that childhood cancer brings. But I also know the strength and resilience our children possess. This stamp is a symbol of their bravery and the love and care they receive. It’s a reminder that we’re not alone in this fight.”

Dr. Anupam Chakrapani – Senior Consultant Haematologist and BMT Specialist, Apollo Cancer Centre Kolkata, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, saying, “Being dedicated to the well-being of children, we recognize the immense significance of early detection in the fight against childhood cancer. This stamp symbolizes not only hope but also the critical need for awareness and support. Every day, we witness the incredible resilience and bravery of young cancer warriors and their families. This initiative, ‘Stamp Out Childhood Cancer,’ carries with it a message of solidarity that extends far beyond the postage stamp. It represents our commitment to improving the lives of these courageous children and their families, offering them a brighter future.”

Dr. Rajat Bhattacharyya, Senior Consultant Paediatric Haematology, Apollo Cancer Centre Kolkata, said “Cancer in children is a challenge that demands collective action and unwavering commitment. The ‘Stamp Out Childhood Cancer’ initiative, with its powerful symbol of hope in the form of a commemorative stamp, marks a crucial step in raising awareness and support for these young warriors. Early detection remains paramount, and this initiative not only amplifies awareness but also emphasizes the need for timely intervention. It’s heartening to witness the synergy between Apollo Cancer Centres and India Post in championing this cause. Together, we aim to ignite conversations, inspire action, and ultimately, pave the way towards a future where childhood cancer is a defeated adversary.”

The act of affixing this special stamp to a letter or a package will become a symbol of solidarity, representing the resilience of children and families who bravely confront the challenges of childhood cancer. This stamp will spark meaningful conversations and serve as a reminder that people in the society have a role to play in supporting, building hope & fighting against childhood cancer.

Apollo Cancer Centres and the Department of India Post are taking an extraordinary step by launching the ‘Stamp Out Childhood Cancer’ Campaign becoming the first in India to champion the cause of childhood cancer through postage stamps. The stamp’s design features a cheerful child’s face, accompanied by a QR code linking to a video that showcases key figures from the Department of Posts, paediatric oncologists, childhood cancer survivors, and caregivers discussing the importance of early detection in “Stamping Out Childhood Cancer.”

The “Stamp Out Childhood Cancer” initiative embodies the spirit of unity and compassion, sparking conversations, evoking kindness, and enriching the well-being of society as a whole. With this unique partnership between Apollo Cancer Centres and India Post, the fight against childhood cancer has found a powerful new ally.


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