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180 ‘One Station One Product’ outlets functioning over N. F. Railway Promoting local and indigenous products

ByNE India Broadcast

Dec 10, 2023 #NFR

One Station One Product (OSOP) outlets are functioning successfully over various stations across N. F. Railway. The OSOP outlets are making the railway stations a promotional and sales hub for local and indigenous products. Besides providing an exposure to indigenous culture and traditions, OSOP brings a drastic change to the life of the local vendors and their families. OSOP scheme has also created a financial security for the families of vendors who are running the OSOP outlets.

Train passenger can now explore the rich heritage of local handicrafts, handloom, cotton products and other handmade artifacts at the #OneStationOneProduct outlet spreading over different states during their journey stopover at railway stations. Thus, empowering the local artisans to showcase and market their local products and promoting #Vocal4Local mission.

Under the jurisdiction of N.F. Railway, 180 OSOP outlets are functioning as on 01st December, 2023 spreading over 133 railway stations. 128 OSOP outlets are operational in Assam, 31 in West Bengal, 13 in Bihar. Some major stations include Guwahati, Dibrugarh, New Tinsukia, Barpeta Road, Rangapara North, Kokrajhar in Assam, New Alipurduar, New Jalpaiguri, Darjeeling, Coochbehar in West Bengal, Barosi, Katihar in Bihar. As many as 739 beneficiaries got benefited through all the outlets over N. F. Railway under OSOP scheme.

All the stalls under OSOP scheme are showcasing and marketing varieties of distinct and invaluable products which are locally manufactured. A variety of Assamese pitha, traditional Assamese Gamosa, traditional Bodo, Rajbongshi Dress, Jhapi, Local textile, Jute Products (Cap, Gamosa, Doll), handloom, Darjeeling tea, local made Designer Bangles, necklace, ear ring, hair clips, bamboo & cane products etc. as well as other local food items are catching the attention of passengers.

Since the start of the pilot scheme 1037 stations are covered with 1134 OSOP outlets in 21 States and 3 Union Territories across the country. Cumulative direct beneficiaries all over India till date are 39,847.

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