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Woman is another name for Shakti: Sunila Soboni

Women power has been playing an important role in every sector of the society since time immemorial by becoming capable Karmyogini in the upliftment of the society and the nation.

To recognize the inherent power of women and to awaken their inner self-confidence, self-confidence and self-development, Guwahati Metropolitan Women’s Coordination organized a Shaktirupa Sammelan on Sunday at Shankar Dev Kalakshetra Auditorium, Punjabari in the city. The program was inaugurated by lighting the lamp.

Indrani Lashkar, Joint Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Assam, All India Publicity Head of Rashtra Sevika Samiti, Sunila Soboni (Pune), State Executive of Rashtra Sevika Samiti, Rimki Bhagwati, former professor Dr. Neelima Bhagwati, Neelima were present as special guests in the inauguration ceremonies. Goswami, Metropolitan Sanjojika Namita Das along with many dignitaries were present.

On this occasion, Sunila Soboni said that Shakti is another name of woman. She is the mother of the world. The specialty of a woman is more than that of a man. The biggest strength of a woman is to be a woman. He has the power to create life. Who are proving every day that they can succeed. She  said that where women are worshipped, the gods reside there.

She said that women have to be made so empowered by making them aware of their potential, freedom and liberation that they can participate in the decision making process at both personal and social levels. She criticized various aspects of women of ancient India, modern women, women’s education, heroic women of India, important role of women in the family etc.

Indrani Lashkar, present in this program, spoke in detail about the women of India, the brave women of India who sacrificed their lives to protect the country, women’s law and various schemes for women empowerment by the government criticised.

Rimki Bhagwati, present in the program, said that a powerful family can create a powerful society. Therefore, we have to give maximum emphasis on empowering the family.

In keeping with this, the role of women in the upliftment of the nation, local problems of women, solutions and reasons were discussed. In which various women present criticized the various problems of the society and its solutions.

Bargeet and Satriya dance were also organized in association with the programme.

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