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inSCIgnis: Tezpur University celebrates National Science Day

On account of the National Science Day, Tezpur University organised its Annual Science Fest- 11th edition of inSCIgnis 2024 from 28th February to 29th February. This year the theme highlights “Unravelling the Mysteries of the Universe”, “विज्ञानस्य अज्ञाते अन्वेषणम्:” (Vigyansya Agyate Anveshanam). Dr. Arup Kumar Misra, Chairman of Pollution Control Board was invited as the Chief Guest of the occasion, Guest of Honour Dr. G Parathasarthy, INSA senior scientist, National Institute of Advanced Studies also graced the inauguration ceremony along with Dean Academic Affairs, Prof. Mrinmay Kumar Sarma, Dean, School of Sciences Prof. Robin Kumar Dutta, Dean, Student’s Welfare Prof. Manabendra Mandal and Faculty Coordinator Prof. Nayanmoni Gogoi and other dignitaries who came together to celebrate “Indigenous Technologies for Viksit Bharat.”

Chief Guest, Dr. Arup Kumar Misra delivered his discourse by highlighting the historical significance of National Science Day, recalling the landmark Bharat Jan Vigyan Jatha of 1987, recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s largest scientific experiment where 330 districts of the country were selected and small groups of science communicators were sent to different rural areas to communicate with the common people about the most essential components of science in their daily life. Despite the noble intentions behind the initiative, Dr. Misra acknowledged its limited impact, attributing it to the absence of “Gyan” meaning knowledge. After reviewing this initiative it was found that there was a huge communication gap which led to remolding the experiment in 1992 under a new banner, Bharat Jan Gyan Vigyan Jatha with a renewed focus on knowledge dissemination which was extensively lauded by the world.

Emphasizing the essence of scientific growth, Dr. Misra drew parallels with the pioneering work of Nobel laureate CV Raman, who achieved the discovery of the Raman Effect with minimal resources in a broken laboratory in Calcutta. He underscored the need to instill scientific temperament in young minds to spur innovation and progress. He also urged the audience to transcend mere celebration and reflection on past scientific achievements, stressing the need for continuous cultivation of scientific thinking in society. He cautioned against the 4M’s which are- Magic, Miracle, Mystery and Myth, advocating for a systematic, scientific approach to national development. Furthermore, Dr. Misra challenged individuals to assess their contributions to society and confront prejudices and superstitions hindering progress. He emphasized that true liberation from outdated beliefs can only be achieved through the pervasive adoption of a scientific mindset.

Esteemed Guest of Honour, Dr. G Parathasarthy congratulated the university and students on the 11th edition of inSCIgnis and while speaking on the theme of the event he highlighted the mysteries that are present in our Earth’s surroundings. While talking about the need of the hour, he emphasized the need for science and solutions concerning Climate Change and the use of Green Energy which would be an essential catalyst in India’s approach towards its initiative of Viksit Bharat.

Prof. Mrinmay Kumar Sarma, Dean of Academic Affairs inaugurated the ceremony and while delivering his speech emphasized the role of Science in the development of a nation. He said – “Whether it is a Viksit world, Viksit Bharat, or Viksit Assam, progress is not possible without science.” Prof. Sarma expressed gratitude to scientists worldwide, including those in India for their invaluable contributions to society, enriching our lives and guiding humanity towards a better future.

At Tezpur University, the wide range of activities that inSCIgnis offers to support many fields of science and technology is one of its distinguishing characteristics. Immersed in a kaleidoscope of knowledge and innovation, participants can choose from fields such as robotics and astrophysics to biotechnology and environmental science. Expert-led workshops offer practical experience, while distinguished scientists’ guest lectures provide insightful information on cutting-edge research and new trends. The theme -“Unravelling the Mysteries of the Universe” implies an emphasis on exploring the uncharted, uncovering cosmic mysteries, and pursuing a greater comprehension of the underlying ideas that underpin our existence.

The inSCIgnis Annual Science Festival at Tezpur University embodies the values of inclusion, innovation, and inquiry. A new generation of scientists, technologists, and innovators is inspired by inSCIgnis, which not only enhances the academic experience of its participants but also offers a platform for scientific conversation, interdisciplinary collaboration, and cultural interchange. Apart from emphasising science and technology, inSCIgnis also showcases the Northeastern Indian region’s rich cultural legacy with a range of cultural events such as dance performances, music concerts, and local food festivals. The 10th edition of its Annual Science magazine “Anunaad” on the theme of ‘Artificial Intelligence: The dawn of the new era’ was also launched during this event.










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