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By Pratyusha Mukherjee, Sukna, Siliguri

A visit to the Trishakti Heritage Complex is a fantastic opportunity to experience and appreciate the rich and vibrant cultural heritage of India’s Armed Forces.


This historical Complex was opened two years back to the visitors at the Sukna Military Station, in the outskirts of Siliguri in North Bengal.

Rapidly, this arena has become a must-visit place for tourists.If you are from the area or just visiting as a tourist, this should be in your must-go list.

The complex was conceptualised with an aim to provide a glimpse of the glorious history and supreme sacrifices of the soldiers of the Trishakti Corps that has its headquarters in Sukna and the scenic beauty of the region.


“Here you could explore Trishakti Corps museum, the Trishakti war memorial and a 72ft- high National Flag area,” said a military source.


The Darjeeling brigade of Army’s 33 corps head quarter is stationed here at Sukna.The Trishakti War Memorial and Museum in Siliguri is a homage to the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives fighting for their country.


It is also known as the “Three Soldiers’ Memorial”, with three life – sized bronze statues of soldiers representing the Indian Army, Air Force and the Navy.

The Complex is divided into four blocks, each highlighting a prominent historical passage, including the Chogyal Block, Christison Block, Kanchenjungha Block and Umrao Block.


The Chogyal block is dedicated to Sikkim’s rich history and culture and the Kanchenjunga block highlights its natural beauty.

The Umrao block is named after India’s First General Officer Commaning – in- Chief of the Trishakti Corps, and the Christison block is named after the first British GOC.



Nature lovers can explore the Kanchenjunga block, which showcases the region’s abundant flora and fauna through beautiful HD paintings and a realistic replica of the rare and elusive Sikkim Sundari or Rheum Nobile.



The complex is well maintained by the Indian Army and has unique war tropics that embody the spirit of courage and resilience that is a characteristic of Indian Armed Forces.

There are T-55 tanks, aircraft and guns used by the armed forces and a dedicated wall, displaying names of the soldiers of the corps who have laid their lives for the nation.

The Trishakti Heritage complex is a great place to learn about the region’s political history and the victories of the Indian Army, especially the Trishakti corps, through the many preserved artefacts, images and trophies.

The Military Officials said the complex is only one of its kind in North Bengal and gives visitors an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the achievements of the Indian armed forces.

It is also a symbol of national pride, highlights the serene beauty of Sukna,thereby providing it with a well-deserved place on the tourist map of the region.

Those who want to learn about the glorious past of the battle history of the armed forces pertaining to North Bengal, a region that is strategically important for the entire country because of Siliguri Corridor, must visit this place.


History enthusiasts will be thrilled by the many preserved relics from the 1971 war and sand models depicting significant battles such as the Battle of Kohima and Nathu La Skirmish.

The site is appropriately named the ” Trishakti Heritage Complex”,which represents the three forces” in honour of the Army, navy and air force of India.
Indeed its a unique museum and we hope in the coming days, it will emerge as a popular destination for tourists and their footfall will be higher as this heritage area is located along the most popular road en route Darjeeling.

(Author is a Sr.journalist, working for a Western media with 20 years of experience in covering the east and northeast, with specialisation in Defence and Sports.In her illustrated career she has covered many major events and achieved International and National media awards for Journalism).

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