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Aaranyak’s nature camp impressed Karbi village kids

Aaranyak collaborated with Diring LP School of Karbi Anglong to conduct the second Nature Camp at Sarbura Singnar village, located in the Karbi Anglong district of Assam. The objective of the camp was to develop environmental consciousness and instill a sense of appreciation for nature among the youth, emphasising need for conservation efforts and sustainable practices.

The event saw enthusiastic participation from 28 children hailing from Sarbura Singnar and Khailun Terang villages. Rangsina Phangcho, Project Officer with Aaranyak, commenced the camp with an inspiring introductory speech. He underscored the significance of establishing a connection with nature, understanding biodiversity, and fostering a sense of environmental stewardship.

Joining Rangsina Phangcho were notable figures such as Dilip Singnar, the Headmaster of Diring LP School, Dr Jayanta Kr Roy, Manager and Senior Wildlife Biologist with Aaranyak and Arif Hussain, Manager with Aaranyak. The speakers emphasised the transformative impact of such camps on young minds, encouraging active engagement in conservation efforts and ecological preservation.

The day unfolded with a series of engaging activities designed to immerse the students in nature’s wonders. An ice-breaking session helped build camaraderie among the participants, setting a positive tone for the day. Bhaskor Barukial, a dedicated Project Officer with Aaranyak and an enthusiastic naturalist and bird watcher, introduced the students to the fascinating world of bird watching, showcasing the rich avian diversity found in the region.

The highlight of the camp was the nature trails, where students were divided into five groups for an immersive experience in exploring nature. Guided by experts, the students learned about native plants, wildlife habitats, and conservation practices firsthand, deepening their understanding of environmental stewardship.

Post-lunch, the energy remained high as students engaged in group activities and poster presentations based on their nature trail experiences. Each group showcased their findings, insights, and reflections, demonstrating a newfound appreciation for the natural world. Dr Jayanta Kumar Roy and Swapn Nath were present to inspire the students’ during their poster presentation.

Sourav Gupta, a Researcher with Aaranyak, facilitated an interactive session through engaging discussions and multimedia presentations, Mr Gupta enlightened the students about the rich biodiversity of the region, highlighting the importance of preserving these invaluable natural resources for future generations.

The camp wrapped up with an environmental game led by Swapn Nath, followed by an impassioned speech focusing on the preservation of nature and culture. Finally, certificates were distributed to all the participants.

Overall, the 2nd Nature Camp organised by research driven frontline conservation organisation Aaranyak and Diring LP School was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on the participants and inspiring them to become ambassadors of environmental conservation in their communities.

The programme achieved success with the assistance of the Women collective group from Sarbura Singnar and the team from the Kaziranga Karbi Anglong Landscape – Natural Resource and Management Programme.

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