• Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Phase 3 of Lok Sabha Elections Sees Encouraging Turnout Across 11 States and UTs

As the sun set on another crucial phase of India’s democratic exercise, Phase 3 of the Lok Sabha elections witnessed a commendable display of civic participation across 93 constituencies spanning 11 states and Union Territories.

With more than 1,300 candidates, including 120 women, vying for seats, the stakes were high as voters flocked to polling stations to cast their ballots.

The day commenced with anticipation and enthusiasm as voters queued up early in the morning to fulfill their electoral duties. From the bustling streets of Gujarat to the serene landscapes of Goa, citizens from diverse backgrounds exercised their right to choose their representatives in the highest legislative body of the country.

As the clock struck 5  pm, the Election Commission of India reported a voter turnout of 50.2%, marking a significant engagement in the electoral process. This figure was later updated to 61.45% by the close of polling, underscoring the growing awareness and commitment towards shaping the nation’s future.

Madhya Pradesh emerged as a standout performer, with over 54% of eligible voters casting their ballots by 3 pm. The state witnessed spirited participation, reflecting the electorate’s eagerness to have their voices heard and preferences registered. Across the spectrum of constituencies, from the urban hubs to the rural heartlands, voters turned out in large numbers, signaling a robust democratic spirit prevailing in the country. Each vote cast symbolized a choice, a conviction, and a belief in the democratic principles that form the bedrock of India’s governance.

With the Lok Sabha elections unfolding in seven phases, spanning from April 19 to June 1, this phase marked another milestone in the electoral journey. As the nation awaits the culmination of this democratic spectacle on June 4, the spirit of democracy resonates through every ballot cast, reaffirming the strength of India’s democratic fabric.

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