• Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

A sustainable initiative by Brahmastra Corps of Eastern Command at Panagarh Military Station

Good Earth Initiatives– In an endeavour to preserve environment; an effective plastic management system has been established in collaboration with Vital Waste Management, a NGO at Panagarh Military Station.

The intiative collects all Plastic waste including milk packets, PET bottles and likewise items from Station units and the same is handed over to the NGO. The NGO processes the same and as a plough back measure diaries and stationary made from recycling are produced which are gifted to underprivileged children and staff at Panagarh.

The intiative has infused a good earth culture inculcating awareness and cleanliness mitigating the plastic menance.

Useful items likes diaries and stationary are crafted from recycled plastic and gifted to underprivileged children and staff at Panagarh.

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