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Feminism: Its origins and effect on modern India especially focusing on the North Eastern States of India

Feminism in philosophy is the practice of egalitarianism and originated from the early 20th century when women’s rights were heavily jeopardized due to toxic conservative beliefs.

However, now that era of oppression is no longer present in modern society and the need for feminism is gone, it begs the question that as to why feminism is still ever-present in this age of equality? and that’s easy to answer. It isn’t, what today’s people are calling “feminism” is an insulting perversion of its original meaning. 3rd wave feminism is nothing more than propaganda against man, propaganda which – if nothing is done against – can reshape our society in drastically negative measures, but now we leave its history and discuss its mark on 21st century India.

3rd wave feminism is very prevalent in India, even more so than most 1st world countries, and is mostly practiced in the northern regions of the country with shocking effects. India is very proud of its efforts towards the safety of women and has more than 40 laws in place for their protection but there is a darker side to this goodwill. According to official yearly NCRB(National Crime Records Bureau)reports, more than 300 cases at minimum are filled each year under section 498A (Domestic abuse) and article 375(rape laws). But the baffling truth is that no more than 12 cases at maximum are declared to be true each year, but this doesn’t stop most feminist media from spreading slander information in the name of justice and printing no retraction at the end controversy. and this in turn paints a bad picture for the movement in general.

Contrastingly, now we turn to the North East of India, a utopia of lush agriculture and a variety of ancient tribal cultures and cuisines which in fact is a special case in this sea of destructive controversy. The North East is proud of its culture of equality and with full right to do

So since it fully realizes the philosophy of feminism. With independent women in almost all households, job opportunities based on skill and not gender and multiple quality of life improvements are made for both men and women. And all this is achieved without the need to glorify or demonize a particular demographic and that is the true goal of feminist ideals that few people today can truly understand or appreciate.

By Suchetan Singha

Student International School, Guwahati

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