• Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Cyclone “Jawad”alert in Odisha and West Bengal

Indian Coast Guard in its efforts to ensure nil loss of life and property at sea due cyclone jawad has been engaged in shepherding fishing boats from Odisha and West Bengal towards harbour.

A total of 05 units including aircraft have been tasked . Till am 03 Dec, a total of approx 750 fishing boats have returned to harbour and approx. 250-300 Fishing boats are still at sea . ICG is taking all pre-emtive and preventive measures. Additionally, state of Odisha and West Bengal have imposed fishing ban in respective states with effect from 02 Dec and 03 Dec respectively till 05 Dec or improvement of weather. all fishing boats in the two states are likely to return back to harbour by pm 03 Dec. 12 Disaster response teams of Indian Coast Guard have been kept standby to provide assistance to local administration, if required. Radar Operating Stations at Paradip and Haldia are regularly transmitting weather warning in English n vernacular language and requesting fishing boats to return base and merchant vessels to move to safety..

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