• Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

State Consultation on Adapting DDMP Framework for Assam in the context of pandemic and resilient development

Assam State Disaster Management Authority in collaboration with UNICEF has organized two daysState level workshop at the NEDFi Conference Hall for consultation on adapting DDMP (District Disaster Management Plan) Framework for Assam based on the learning from COVID-19 and DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction) Roadmap. The inaugural session of the workshop was addressed by Shri Avinash Joshi, IAS, Principal Secretary to GoA, Revenue & DM Deptt; Dr. Madhulika Jonathon, Chief Field Office, UNICEF Assam; Shri Chinmoy Nath, ACS, Deputy CEO, ASDMA and Shri Alakananda Medhi, SPC, ASDMA. The workshop was organized for the DPOs and the field officers with an objective to deep dive on reviewing and adapting a state specific planning framework for DDMPs for making them implementable and agreeing on standard monitoring and reporting mechanism.

Section 31 of DM Act 2005 makes it mandatory for every district to prepare a disaster management plan, for the protection of life and property from the effects of hazardous events within the district. In the context of Assam DDMPs are existing in most of the districts and are supposed to be major decision support tool for disaster resilience and response. ASDMA and UNICEF have collaborated to review and strengthen the overall planning process, quality and adequacy of the plan document and their implementation, reporting and monitoring.

Addressing the workshop, Dr. Madhulika Jonathan, Chief Field Office, UNICEF office for Assam and other NE states stated “DDMPs can be key in reducing the impact of disasters on vulnerable children, women and their families. If they factor in the need for continuity of essential services such as health, education, water and sanitation, among others, the multi-fold economic impact of disasters, especially on marginalized communities, can be curtailed. Therefore, DDMPs need to be linked to the overall State DRR Roadmap and contribute towards risk informed sustainable development”.

In his key note address, Shri Avinash Joshi, IAS, Principal Secretary to GoA, Revenue and Disaster Management Department, emphasized upon strengthening the linkage between planning, implementation and monitoring. He elaborated on his experience and learning from Gujarat earthquake in 2001 and pointed towards the evolution of disaster risk management system in the state. He appreciated the DPOs and Field Officers for continuously striving to provide better coordination and support to line departments. He also appreciated UNICEF for supporting many initiatives to strengthen disaster management systems in the state.

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