• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Assam BJP pleads the people of Assam to vote in large numbers in Majuli By Election and Municipal Board Elections to make Democracy powerful

BJP Assam Pradesh spokesperson Pabitra Margherita today while addressing the Press Conference at BJP HQ Hengrabari in Guwahati told that the people of Majuli and 80 Municipal Board have already made their mind to vote for development and progressive work. He further requested the people to come out in large numbers and vote to make the democracy more vibrant, transparent and powerful.

Refuting the allegation of Rajya Sabha MP Ajit Bhuyan on Assam Govt. and BJP on the issues of regionalism, party spoke person Pabitra Margherita told that Ajit Bhuyan had become an MP by the help of AIUDF, the party which owes is birth to the opposition of scrapping of IMDT act, and Mr. Bhuyan doesn’t have the right to speak anything about language, culture, history and regionalism of Assam.

Margherita remarked that Ajit Bhuyan for his lust to gain power and post, has cheated the regional sentiments of Assamese people. He furthur compared Ajit Bhuyan to Modern ‘Mir Jafar’ who helped Robert Clive to defeat Sirajudaullah in the battle of Palassey and made India the colony of East India Company.

Margherita also stressed that AJP and Raijor Dal has laid their arms in front of Congress and accepted its suppremacy. By making a coaliton with congress, the murderer of 855 martyrs of Assam agitation, the supporters of illegal Bangladeshis, leaders of AJP and Raijor Dal, Lurin Jyoti Gogoi and Akhil Gogoi have proved to be the ‘Jaichands’ of Assam.

The massive crowd in BJP rallys and only 300 or less in a ‘grand’ rally at Majuli attended by the Presidents of Congress, AJP and Raijor Dal signifies the acceptability of BJP among the voters of Assam.

Rejecting the allegations of the Sivsagar MLA Akhil Gogoi on Rupam Goswami, incharge of BJP Sivsagar district and BJP District Committee about threatening the Raijor Dal, Pabitra Margherita told that such allegations of are baseless, hillarious and portrays the escapist attitude of Akhil Gogoi which he adopts when the defeat is very clear and near.

Speaking to the remarks on milk producing cow in the rally of Majuli, Pabitra Margherita observed that a green cropping field, a fruit ladden tree and a milk producing cow are the positive symbols of Sanatani culture and may not have same meaning for the people who consider cow as neglected animal and source of food.

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