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A throwback on Spring and I …

As April starts, I can’t help feel nostalgic recollecting the significance of this month during my childhood and youth in my homeland Assam. It would be spring there in full glory with orchids( kopou) blooming happily, air heavy with the drunken scent of nahor and other seasonal flowers mingled with the sweet call of the koel(Kuli)! And somehow I would feel light with a curious sense of happiness, leaving me all footloose and fancy free. Bihu Bihu Lagise O (it feels like Bihu) my singing heart would tell me! And the air would fill with romance and love, for no particular reason whatsoever!

The neighbourhood youth and children would practice husuri and Bihu, and the beats of drums, melodious sound of the horn(Pepa) and gogona would fill ones heart with untold joy! Ladies would be busy at the looms giving finishing touches to the weaving of the traditional gamusa and the sound they made added an extra rhythm to the music all around me.

But this joy would sometimes be halted abruptly by the approach of the bordoi sila or seasonal storm and one could see women putting out oil, comb, mirror etc so that the storm deity would pause on her destructive path to beautify herself and thus slow down a bit! But sometimes she couldn’t be stopped, and would destroy everything that stood in her way! And the next day, everyone would pick up their pieces and embark on their life’s journey once again……after all it is Spring, season of hope and new beginning!

And my heart would sing:

Oi moromor dukhoni haat�Melunu kaare axaat..�Kelei mon isaat

bisaat..�Laagise Boxontor baa gaat..

(With what hope do I raise my two arms of love?

Why do I feel restless when the spring breeze touches me?).

(The article is solely the opinion of the author. The views expressed here are solely personal and not in any way connected to any organisation or any political party ).

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