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Building next generation of conservationists: Aaranyak’s summer nature camp offers hope

A summer nature camp for a group of more than 200 high school going boys and girls and a few of their teachers was successfully completed in Orang National Park and Tiger Reserve in Darrang district this Monday. The camp was organised from July 1 to 25, jointly by Aaranyak, Orang National Park authority and Career Today- an educational institute.

Aaranyak (www.aaranyak.org), India’s leading biodiversity conservation organisation, has picked up a group of students to attend the camp which was designed to motivate them to become conservation enthusiasts, and help to protect nature. The camp was aimed at building next generation of conservationists.The Orang National Park, is a treasure trove of Royal Bengal Tigers (the umbrella species), onehorned Indian rhinoceros, pygmy hog, hog deer and a variety of other species of flora and fauna.

During the camp, school teachers and guest teachers imparted academic lessons for 20 days, whereas, the experts in the field sensitized the students on wildlife conservation for 5 days.

As a senior primatologist and vice president of Aaranyak, Dr Dilip Chetry educated the students on importance of biodiversity conservation. The exclusive sessions from Arup Das of Aaranyak focused on using GPS technology for environmental conservation. In a wide-ranging subjects on nature conservation and career opportunities, Aaranyak’s experts Arif Hussain, Pranab Goswami, Wasima Begum gave the students a detailed and comprehensive overview of the field. The camp was also attended by Ashok Dey, an executive member of Aaranyak, Dibyajyoti Deuri from Orang, as well as forest officials, teachers, social workers, and several officials from Aaranyak.

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