• Mon. May 27th, 2024

Freight unloading of N. F. Railway registers 6.71% increase

Freight unloading over N. F. Railway is continuously registering a steady growth. During financial year 2022-23, 14680 freight carrying rakes were unloaded. This is an increase of 6.71% in comparison to the financial year 2021-22. 1352 freight carrying rakes were unloaded during the month of March, 2023.

N. F. Railway has transported goods like FCI rice, sugar, salt, edible oil, food grains, fertilizer, cement, coal, fruits-vegetables, auto, tank, container and other items during the month and unloaded them in different goods sheds within its jurisdiction.

During March, 2023, 734 rakes of freight carrying trains were unloaded in Assam out of which 341 were loaded with essential commodities.

117 rakes in Tripura, 22 rakes in Nagaland, 7 rakes in Manipur, 8 rakes in Arunachal Pradesh and 2 rakes in Mizoram were unloaded during the month. Moreover, 215 freight rakes in West Bengal and 247 freight rakes in Bihar were also unloaded during the month within the jurisdiction of N. F. Railway.

Speedy execution of doubling works at important sections over N.F. Railway has led to increased inward and outward movement of freight traffic. This results in increase movement of essential & other commodities in addition growth in freight unloading.



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