• Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

N.F. Railway’s initiatives for proper maintenance of Rolling Stock and safe operation of trains

N. F. Railway has undertaken several initiatives towards proper maintenance of rolling stock and safe operation of trains. As a result of such initiatives efficiency & safety of rolling stock have been increased year after year. These measures have been made possible by the deliberate, sustained and concerned efforts of N. F. Railway workforce.

With the aim to improve passenger safety and comfort, N. F. Railway has taken major steps by replacing the existing conventional rakes with the Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) design rakes. The proliferation of DEMU has also been done to ensure better passenger services. With the introduction of these modern coaches, maintenance methodology and capacity are augmented from time to time. Advanced maintenance and overhauling are being undertaken at the rolling stock workshops and examination points for safe and smooth operations of rolling stocks.

For enhancing safety of rolling stocks, Periodical Overhauling (POH) of high speed LHB coaches was increased from 353 coaches in 2021-22 to 573 coaches in 2022-23 i.e. an increase of 62%. To prevent any outward incident caused by fire, the AC LHB coaches are equipped with Automatic Smoke/Fire Detection with Braking System (FDBS). In case of fire or smoke the system will discover the fire early and will raise the alarm as a result of which brake will be applied through the brake valve provided under the coach. During 2022 – 23, 49 LHB AC coaches are provided with FDBS. Similarly, Automatic Fire Detection cum Suppression System (FDSS) is installed in pantry & power car of LHB coaches. The system is built to extinguish fire through application of fire suppression agent like water, foam or chemical agents.

The various works undertaken for maintenance will not only improve the safety of railways operations but will also benefit the passengers travelling by trains. Passengers will be provided with quality amenities and safer travel experience with the introduction of upgraded infrastructure.

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