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Today Kolkata Knight Riders will play their 9th match against Delhi Capitals at Eden Gardens, Kolkata.

Weeks back KKR Unveils the “Knights Dugout” Podcast for their fans .

The first episode of “Knights dugout” featured Gautam Gambhir, the mentor of Kolkata Knight Riders who reunite at KKR after seven years.

Some excerpts from those candid talks:

About his smile:

“People don’t come to watch me smile, People come to see KKR win.”_

His take on the KKR Fans:

“I believe that KKR has the most loyal and passionate fans in the country.”

About his mentality:

“I want to be a winner on the field every single time. Results do matter to me.”

About his dream of representing the Indian Army:

“I love the Indian Army. That still remains my first love. The only regret I have in my life is I couldn’t join the army. I had aspired to join the NDA when I was in the 11th standard but sometimes destiny has its own say, and I ended up at NCA instead of NDA.”

About the home of Indian Army Kids:

“The Indian Army kids can call the whole of India as their home, not just a particular state or region. They make the biggest sacrifice in their life, with being away from home most of the time which is very difficult.”

This versatility and adaptability are common traits among “fauji kids,” who often need to adjust to new environments due to frequent relocations.

When Gautam was asked about Sunil Narine’s brilliant performance, he vividly recalled,
“I faced Sunil Narine in his International Debut at Indore and within 7-8 balls, I knew he was going to become a legend of the game especially in T20 Cricket.”

About the theory of winning IPL:

“It’s not the most talented team that goes on to win the IPL. It’s the most courageous team, that’s willing to fight till the last drop of blood, will go on to win the IPL.”

Source: Kolkata Knight Riders

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