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ByAmit Mukherjee

Jun 15, 2023

People are easily escaping by calling murder as suicide , yet the government and society remain silent.Thousands of students have committed suicide in the last ten years because of failure in exam and due to exam stress.

People die due to disease, accident or by gun shot but these students were killed by “Exam”,and for these killings no one was punished.

Perhaps these students were weak in studies or did not have interest in studies but somehow they would have lived their lives, but the rule of exam took away from them the chance to live, and all the money these students had spent in getting education went to the profit account of the education business.

Is there vast difference between slightly better students and slightly weaker students and the price of this difference is death?

Only and only reason why the rule of exam is not being banned so that the business of education goes on.Just to increase the business of education and other businesses associated with education business people implemented the rule of exam in education.

Exam is the foundation stone of education business, if you remove the foundation stone then the whole business of education will collapse.

No exam result shows neither the ability nor knowledge of any student. The results of exams which are never correct students are committing suicide because of those results . The students who are committing suicide because of failure in exam or due to exam stress are dying for no reason or committing suicide for those people who are maintaining the rule of exam to make the education business big.

The business of school education is done by exploiting the childhood of children. Exam after exam, the continuation of exams remains throughout the year. A student does not emerge fully from stress of one exam and submerges in the stress of another exam , a school child lives in stress of exams rather than in childhood.

Even the business of education is done over the death of some students.

Appealing to remove the rule of exam otherwise more students will commit suicide and the continuation of suicide will continue.

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(The article is solely the opinion of the author. The views expressed here are solely personal and not in any way connected to any organisation or any political party ).

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