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ByAmit Mukherjee

Aug 17, 2023

Some people objected to how B- grade movie actress Nimrat Kaur became Sunny Deol ‘s daughter-in- law in the movie GADAR – 2 then how Kriti Sanon became Goddess Sita in the movie “ADIPURUSH “.

Work is at its place and religion is at its place.

People do some characters easily but there are some specific characters, for which you should ask yourself thousand times before playing them whether I am completely suitable to play this character or not .

Common pious people have not seen God or Goddess, that’s why when any person plays the role of God or Goddess, people accept his or her face as God in their mind and this feeling comes from inside because people are more sentimental about Gods and Goddesses.

In acting it is very much necessary to enter into the character but how you will enter into the character which is beyond of understanding, especially when your character is completely opposite of that person whose character you are portraying.

Sita is just not a name,Sita in Hindu religion is that woman who is complete in virtues, a virtuous wife and an exemplary character of decency.

Half naked pictures of Kriti Sanon are in the internet and the world is watching.
Are the viewers seeing Kriti sanon as Goddess Sita completely. It is human nature, remembers the nudity more than the fully clothed body.

People see the same thing from the same point of view as they see it first.
Was it fair to ask an actress to portray the character of Goddess Sita,who has already appeared half naked and performed sultry dances ,lip lock scenes on screen several times.

I will show the same objection if any porn star is asked to play the role of Mother Mary or Goddess Durga.
Don’t have the right to judge anyone. Will not say anything on how people are living their personal life but when there is a question of faith related to religion then will definitely say.
Often people also call actors by their screen names like Amitabh Bachchan as Vijay,Amjad khan as Gabbar singh and Amish Puri as mogambo,so now whenever people see kriti sanon in any obscene scene in other movies they will say Goddess _____ has become half naked or showing nudity.

(The article is solely the opinion of the author. The views expressed here are solely personal and not in any way connected to any organisation or any political party ).

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