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Anthurium Festival Season 2023 have started its festive celebrations on 20th and 21st October 2023 at Reiek Tourist Resort.

Dr. Lalrozama, IAS, secretary, Tourism Department of Mizoram as the Chief Guest.

Dr. Lalrozama in his address mentioned the importance of  the festival as it paves the way to the world about the Mizo culture and traditions and urged the gathering to pay special attention towards the development and admiration of our culture and traditions. Tourism being a way forward towards development of self employment and self sufficiency, he invoked the conscience of the people of Mizoram to carefully and endearly look after the natural beauty of the land and it’s resources.

Tourist who visits tourist site are generally well-to-do people who comes to enjoy the environment in its natural form. So he asked the audience to take heed for the protection of the environment.

The occasion witnessed various cultural programs from different Colleges and cultural clubs. Various food stalls including SVEEP Stall have been erected in the vicinity with a signature board in which election officials campaign for the visitors to cast their vote in the upcoming election.

Anthurium Festival was first held in 2006 at Reiek Tourist Resort.

The festival have been celebrated since 2006 with hardly any break every year.

This year festival will end on 21st October, 2023.

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