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Kankana Chakraborty shines at Jio Mami Film Festival with ‘Everyone Loves Sohrab Handa’

The ongoing Jio Mami Film Festival is abuzz with excitement as Kankana Chakraborty, an actress from Kolkata, premieres ‘Everybody Loves Sohrab Handa,’ her much-anticipated Hindi debut. Rajat Kapoor directed the film, which stars Kankana. There’s a lot of anticipation for this film.

Kankana Chakraborty may be a new face in Hindi cinema, but her journey to this point shows her talent and dedication. She made waves in the web series ‘Shabda Jabda’ a few years ago. In this series, she worked with Rajat Kapoor on one episode. It was Kankana’s brief appearance that left a lasting impression, mesmerizing the audience and catching Rajat Kapoor’s attention.

After this performance, Rajat Kapoor invited Kankana to participate in ‘Everybody Loves Sohrab Handa.’ The film will be Kankana’s chance to shine. It’s a big deal for her.


Kankna Chakraborty got her start in cinema in her hometown, Kolkata. But when she went to the New York Film Academy, she started on a remarkable artistic journey. Her talent transcends geographical boundaries, as she’s made a name for herself in India and the US. She has appeared in various films and embarked on a successful modelling career.

Her creative talents go beyond the screen, as she writes and directs shorts and long shorts. Her film ‘Written By’ has won numerous awards on the international stage and received critical acclaim. Additionally, she starred in the critically acclaimed ‘A Nomad River’ by Aditya Patwardhan. Her other important work is ‘The Rose Garden.’

Other notable achievements include ‘Anurup,’ a long short film that Kankna wrote, directed, and starred in. She established herself as a multi-talented artist.

The Jio Mami Film Festival is all about Kankana Chakraborty and ‘Everybody Loves Sohrab Handa’ as she steps into the spotlight. She’s clearly destined for a successful, enduring career in cinema thanks to her dedication, talent, and impressive work. She’s a testament to the power of passion, talent, and dedication in film and art. Looking forward to seeing ‘Everybody Loves Sohrab Handa’ and Kankana Chakraborty’s promising future.

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