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Noney Bridge of NFR’s Jiribam -Imphal New Line Railway on the path to completion

The Jiribam – Imphal new line railway project is one of the crucial connectivity projects for the North-eastern region and is at an advance stage nearing completion. Indian Railways is significantly contributing towards transformation of the North-eastern states by executing several new railway line projects and the Jiribam – Imphal connectivity project plays a vital role in the overall scenario. Constructing new railway lines to connect all the state capitals of North-eastern region is going on under this capital connectivity projects.

As the work for connecting the capital city of Manipur, i.e. Imphal with the rest of the country is on full swing, the Noney Bridge, considered as the engineering marvel is a crucial component and considered as the world’s tallest Railway pier bridge of 141 m that is an integral part of the 111 km long Jiribam – Imphal Railway line project. According to the latest progress card, the bridge is nearing completion, and is done with 80% of its work. Once completed the bridge will represent as a testament to human ingenuity and engineering prowess as the sheer magnitude of the structure will be an awe-inspiring, symbolizing a commitment to overcoming geographical challenges to ensure seamless rail connectivity.

Not only connectivity, but the completion of the Noney Bridge and the Jiribam – Imphal Railway line project is poised to spur economic development in Manipur and the surrounding regions. The efficient transportation of goods and passengers via rail will reduce costs, enhance trade, and encourage investment in industries and infrastructure. Additionally, it is likely to create new job opportunities and contribute to the overall prosperity of the region. It will serve as a vital artery in the larger plan to integrate the North-eastern states with the rest of the country with improved connectivity and is expected to boost trade, tourism, and people-to-people interactions, fostering a sense of unity and inclusion.

Construction of the Jiribam – Imphal railway project involves multiple tunnels and the total length of tunnels in this project is 61.32 km. The project will have total 11 major bridges and 137 minor bridges.

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