• Mon. Jun 17th, 2024


It is winter time again. The air quality of Kolkata is under scanner at present. Due to the emission of Carbon Dioxide and other toxic gases the air quality of the city has become poorer. Exhaustive use of fossil fuel is said to be one of the prime reasons behind this. In such a backdrop, Metro Railway has been the glimmer of hope for all as Metro operations in a busy city like Kolkata have been reducing overall Carbon emission as more and more people are preferring Metro over bus, taxi and other four wheelers driven by fossil fuel. This modal shift has been helping the people to breathe easy in the city.

It is a well known fact that Metro Railway system provides a sustainable and environment-friendly mode of transportation. It contributes handsomely to reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion as lesser number of two or four wheelers or other vehicles are required to ferry the commuters.

Kolkata Metro has helped to reduce 44,266 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emission till October,23 in this financial year due to this modal shift of passengers. Since 2014-15, 5.5 lakh tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emission have been reduced by Kolkata Metro. As per the adopted methodology, a Metro passenger saves about 32.38 gram of CO2 emission per KM.

As Metro Railway is spreading its wings and going to reach new destinations in the coming days, it is expected that keeping pace with its glorious present trend Kolkata Metro will be able to play a significant role in reducing CO2 emission in future for the benefit of us and our posterity.

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