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In the year 1959, 10 March Tibetans stood against China.

So, 10 March every year we commemorate “Uprising day of Tibet.

“We urge upon the Indian Citizens to stand by the side of the people of Tibet for India’s National interests.

We, the friends for Tibet demand their freedom from the Chinese oppression and their absolute independence from this dictatorship.”

“We also want the bill passed by Indian Parliament to get back their own land from China be enacted as soon as possible” said Advocate Ruby Mukherjee, on behalf of Kolkata and Paschim Banga Buddhijibi Sabha who Jointly organized this peaceful demonstration in front of the Chinese Consulate of Kolkata yesterday.

We will hand over a memorandum to the Consul General of China” she told.

The day of 10th March is a historical day. It is historical for the Tibetans as well as for the mankind too. It is the day of freedom for the entire world. On this day in 1959 the people of Tibet rose in revolt against the Communist China which occupied their holy land of Lord Buddha. It was a revolt against the tyranny of the Chinese government. Tibetans struggled to break the shackles and establish freedom and also unbound atrocities perpetrated on the innocent people of Tibet.They refused to be enslaved by the Chinese government.

Tibetan Monk Ven Thupten Tharchin, Director Sera Jey was himself a victim of Chinese aggression. He was compelled to leave his own country and is now staying in a monestry in Mysore,Karnataka.

“China still continues to oppress the Tibetans for their beliefs in Lord Buddha. They try to deface Tibetan Culture and wipe out their spiritualism. Tibet had acted as the buffer zone between India and China in the past and also acted as a peace zone. China destroyed the heavenly peace for its colonial greed endangering the security and sovereignty of India.”

“China continually disregards all Human Rights of the Tibetan citizen and an unprecedented oppression of Tibetans is going on in their mother land. China is carrying out a cultural genocide in Tibet which is utterly unacceptable and immoral”.

Monk Tharchin shared the present situation Inside Tibet with a heavy heart.

In fact the Chinese aggression on India in October 1962 bears testimony of Chinese design. China is a potential threat not only to India but also to the world peace. Both economically and politically China appears to be blood clots in the moon. The freedom struggle of Tibet is, therefore , a struggle for peace of the world.

” In the year 1962, China invaded India and usurped a part of Ladakh. In the same year, on 14th November, a bill was passed in the Indian Parliament that India must get back their own land from Chinese aggression. However, the part of Ladakh is still under Chinese occupation” said Padamshri Prof. Dr.Narayan Chakraborti.

In the year 1959, His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama had to leave his own country due to Chinese aggression on Tibet. He had to come to India where he was cordially received by The Indian Government as a National Guest. The Tibetans run their parliament from Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.

From the ancient times, India and Tibet has exchanged their knowledge and culture.

Tibet was never a part of China. If we research history, we will find that from ages, Tibet always has been a free country.

China is still trying to capture Indian land claiming that it is their own, which is a false stand.More over China also doesn’t honour LAC.

Incidentally, India shouldn’t forget China’s cowardly attack on bare handed Indian soldiers in Galawan Valley in 2020 where 23 bravehearts were martyred.

(PRATYUSHA MUKHERJEE, a Defence & Sports Journalist working for British Media.)

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