• Mon. Apr 15th, 2024


The Indian Army, in its continued commitment to serving communities, successfully conducted a medical camp aimed at providing essential healthcare services to residents of few Villages like – Manphar, Gohi, village Barasuddi, Kadal and Khajurain of district Gaya, Bihar.

The event, organised by Brahmastra Corps, saw an overwhelming response from the local population, highlighting the significant impact of such initiatives.

The medical camp, held today, featured a range of healthcare services including general check-ups, medical consultations, diagnostic tests, and distribution of essential medicines. A team of dedicated medical professionals, including Doctors, Nursing Assistants, and support staff from the Indian Army, worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth operation of the camp and deliver quality healthcare services to all attendees.

The medical camp not only provided vital healthcare services but also served as a platform for fostering stronger ties between the Indian Army and the local population. Through initiatives like these, the Indian Army remains steadfast in its mission to support and uplift communities across the country.

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