• Sun. Jun 16th, 2024


The recent floods in Manipur, triggered by Cyclone Remal, have left a trail of devastation across multiple districts in the State. The heavy rainfall has displaced thousands of people, leaving them stranded in the affected areas. In an emphatic display of professionalism and swift action, the Assam Rifles successfully carried out flood rescue Operation ‘JALRAHAT’ in the affected areas and provided succour to the distraught and marooned citizens in Imphal City.

The operation, began on the night of 28 May and as first responders, 16 columns of Assam Rifles were deployed round the clock to rescue and evacuate those in need. The dedicated teams utilized specialized equipment and employed advanced rescue techniques to reach those trapped in the floodwaters. The operation led to the rescue and evacuation of more than 6,500 people, including women and children, from grave situations due to the rising waters in Dewlah Land, Thangal Bazar, North AOC and Mantripukhri.

One of the heart-touching instance of their operation was successful rescue of a 78-year-old paralyzed elderly man in Tangkhul Lane, Imphal District. The frail person was found stranded in the flood-affected area, with floodwaters rising rapidly and his mobility severely restricted due to paralysis. Responding swiftly to the distress call, a team of Assam Rifles sprang into action, navigating treacherous currents and hazardous conditions to reach the elderly man. Despite the formidable challenges posed by the flood, the combined efforts of the Assam Rifles ensured his safe rescue.

Several such rescue stories have been narrated by the affected people whose lives have been touched by the Assam Rifles. During the ongoing relief work, the Security Force has rescued 52 individuals, including 42 immobile and aged residents from Mother Teresa Institute and 21 neuro patients from Raj Medicity Hospital, providing immediate aid. In Minuthong, they rescued approximately 200 people in a major operation.

Assam Rifles in parallel operations undertook critical infrastructure repair work, including securing Thanthek village due to a breach in the Khabi River under Nambol PS in Bishnupur district on 01 Jun. Additionally, repair efforts were undertaken assiduously at Heingang and Khambam bridges on 30 May, showcasing their commitment and expertise in restoring essential infrastructure amidst the crisis.

To arrest water borne diseases, this Security Force have embarked on Sanitization and disinfection drives, including DDT spray and distribution of Mosquito repellents. Hot food packets and bottled water are being distributed to the affected in order to prevent outbreak of food borne diseases. Over 5,000 food packets and 8,000 drinking water supplies have been distributed as relief to those affected by the floods. Furthermore, snake bite victims have been rescued and provided medical attention in Imphal and Thoubal districts.

The Assam Rifles has been working tirelessly round the clock to restore normalcy by providing relief to the distraught and stranded populace. It has assisted the district administration in restoration of essential services.

As recovery efforts progress and communities rebuild after this natural disaster, the Assam Rifles remains unwavering in its commitment to serve and protect the people, embodying the values of professionalism, compassion, and resilience that define our nation. The operation is a shining example of the Assam Rifles’ dedication to the people and its commitment to safeguard lives in times of crisis. A true display of the Force being Sentinels of the North East.

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