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The Treasure Trove of Culture.. …..

By Mrs Ibha Dutta

Nestled on the bank of the river Bhogdoi Jorhat is the second-largest city in Assam.It is beautiful with the lash green trees around it.The city got its name from the two haats or mandies -Machar haat and Chowki haat that existed on the two different banks of Bhogdoi during the eighteenth century.

During the reign of Ahom king Kamaleswar Singha, Purnananda Burhagohain gave a new look to the city.Later on in 1794 the capital of Ahom Kingdom was shifted to Jorhat. Many historical monuments like Burhagohain pukhuri ,Rajmau pukhuri etc. are still there in the city. Sukaph Samannoy Khetra has been built recently to showcase the Ahom culture to the visitors.There are some other places like Rajamaidam ,Lachit Borphukan’s maidam etc which remind us about the glorious Ahom Kingdom that existed for long 600 years.

Jorhat is a cultural city where many cultural icons of the state were brought up. Among those Zubeen Garg and Prastuti Parashar are worth mentioning. Many literary artists like Ganesh Gogoi, Ananda Chandra Baruah, Binanda Chandra Baruah, Hem Baruah, etc. were born and brought up here. Politicians, freedom fighters and many other great personalities found their roots in Jorhat. Jorhat is a hub of higher education. There are colleges for different branches of knowledge including medicine, engineering, etc. Agriculture University, the first woman University and Kaziranga University are taking the lead in spreading education in Assam.The one and only Tocklai Tea Research station work for the promotion of the production of tea in the state. The people living here are very simple and culturally advanced.

Though it is a cosmopolitan city, people here respect Assamese culture and heritage.The famous Dhekiyakhowa Naamghar is the place which is visited by lakhs of visitors throughout the year. There are many institutions in which vaisnavite culture is practiced.At various times of the year Bhawnas and Rasleela are organised.Even the youngsters take part in these events with great zeal. Jorhat is a place where people live in tranquility. Their unity and integrity is really praiseworthy.

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