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Apr 11, 2022

BSF, South Bengal Frontier with an aim to make its troops more professional against the menace of human trafficking organized one day workshop at 118 Battalion Headquarters Tagore Villa Campus under the chairmanship of Sh Surjeet Singh Guleria, Deputy Inspector General, South Bengal Frontier on 11th April. Sh Narayan Chand, Commandant 112 Battalion, Sh B Madhusudan Rao 08 Battalion, Shri Rajesh Kumar Tripathi, 118 Battalion, Sh. Jawahar Singh Negi, 153 Battalion along with 24 personnel and 18 civil NGOs also participated in the program.

While addressing the workshop, the Deputy Inspector General stated that special attention is being paid to the cases of human trafficking after the deployment of Anti Human Trafficking Unit in the sensitive area on the border. To root out the cases of human trafficking, as much as it is necessary to put the touts behind the bars, it is equally important to make the poor and innocent girls aware about the heinous act of human trafficking (swamp). So that no girl can fall prey to these human traffickers.

Anti Human Trafficking Unit Commanders participated in the workshop
In this one day workshop, the commanders of Anti Human Trafficking Unit were apprised about each and every modus operandi of human traffickers as well as motivating the citizens on the border against human trafficking. Sharing of information with NGOs is essential for detecting and controlling cases.

Strictest action against human traffickers
Surjeet Singh Guleria, PRO and DIG of South Bengal Frontier stated that it is often seen that brokers involved in human trafficking bring poor and gullible girls of Bangladesh across the border with the lure of good jobs and money and push them into abominable work like prostitution. These days BSF is taking very strict steps to stop human trafficking on the border. All the Anti Human trafficking Units under the leadership of Inspector General of South Bengal Frontier have been deployed on the border. The main objective of the Anti Human Trafficking Unit is to nab all the syndicates involved in human trafficking and hand them over to the law and put them behind bars.

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