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Meghalaya is naturally rich – This Durga Puja Lets Northeast be your next travel destination!

(By NE India Broadcast)

Northeast may be your priority when it comes to exploring natural beauty to the best potential possible. The hills are an addition to the beauty, and is a pleasure to the eyes. Every state has their respective approach to the subject in the broader sense of the term. This is interesting.

Meghalaya is naturally rich with greenery all around. There are several areas that may be explored by tourists when in the scenic Northeast, let it be Meghalaya for now. The state welcomes every traveller.

The living root bridges be Meghalaya’s most beautiful tangible heritage sites. It has also been added to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) world heritage site list, adding to the gravity of the same.

Sohra is beautiful. It is synonymous with waterfalls – the plunging Nohkalikai and the thunderous Dainthlen are settings for immortal Khasi folktales while the three-tiered Wei Saw Dong is tucked away in a verdant forest, in a boost to tourism sector.

Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya. It is around 100 kms south of Guwahati in Assam on the National Highway 6. One may opt to explore more of Shillong with a friend or a partner, and add to exploration.

Wildlife enthusiasts can head over to Phlangwanbroi village and trek deep into the jungle, known for its protected populations of the Hoolock Gibbon. Krem Dam, a large cave with an underground waterway and beaches is another famous site that will inspire the spelunker in you.

Meanwhile, Meghalaya has immense in itself to be explored. Tourists may choose to be leisurely while in Northeast’s Meghalaya and have the best of times with good food. Team NE India Broadcast perhaps be your virtual gui

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