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Assam: The very special Azad Hind Club in Pandu has a surprise this Durga Puja!

ByDebjani Patikar

Sep 26, 2022 #Pandu

Azad Hind Club in Pandu area is a special attraction for the visitors every time. This puja committee tries to attractm Nm visitors with special themes.

Now this Durga puja entered 70 years. The worship of Azad Hind Club first started from West pandu New Colony. At that time the late Umakanta Kar along with his associate friends started this puja. Many of them have passed away today, but their memories remain.

President Sameer Bhattacharya and general secretary Rupak Das said that the special attraction of this year’s puja is the 20-feet tall Maa Durga idol. The work of making pandal has been started since last few months. Calcutta potter Diptrekh Bhar is making idols inside the pandal.

The idol here will be the sabeki.The pandal It will be constructed at a cost of around one lakh rupees. The pandal will be made by Rajdeep Decorator. Bapi Das and Manik Das will make it well decorated with lighting . Dhaki will come from Cooch Behar.

On the fifth day, the worship should be done with Chandipath. Chandi Path will be performed by local artistes. On the day of Saptami, there is a art competition for the little ones.

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