• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Three Swedish nationals detained in Dibrugarh’s Namrup 

Three Swedish nationals were detained by the police from Namrup in Dibrugarh district on Wednesday for participating in a religious congregation flouting visa norms. They will be deported to Sweden on Thursday.

The Swedish nationals identified as Hannah Mikaela Bloom, Marcus Arne Henrik Bloom and Susanna Elizabeth Hakansson had arrived at Namrup to participate in the 3-day “Peace and Healing Prayer Festival” scheduled from October 25 to October 27 organised by the United Churches Fellowship and Bless Assam Mission Network at the Achabam Ghinai playground at Namrup. 

“Three Swedish nationals came to participate in a religious meeting at Namrup on the invitation of a friend. They also addressed the congregation. Since they came on tourist visa they were not suppose to participate in such activities. We detained them for flouting the visa norms. But since India and Sweden have a good relation their embassy has sorted out the matter. We didn’t register a case against them. Tomorrow they will be deported back to their country,” Namrup DSP Naba Kumar Borah said.

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